Purple Nuken Strain

Purple Nuken Strain


  • THC: 22%
  • CBD: < 1%
  • Bud Grade: AAA+
  • Type: 40% sativa / 60% indica

Purple Nuken Strain

Nuken strain is an Indica dominant hybrid 60% Indica/40% Sativa strain. Purple Nuken is a deluxe cross of the classic Vancouver-bred Nuken strain and the therapeutic Purple Kush.

This potent indica inherits a strong set of genetics, with a family tree that includes God Bud And Kish, a strain that was created as a cross between two varying cuts of Shishkaberry. These predecessors give Purple Nuken its’ iconic earthy, yet berry-like flavour, along with its’ undeniably strong high.

On average, THC levels for this strain measure at around 22%, making it a great all-around strain that’ll relax the mind and uplift spirits, without leaving you completely debilitated.

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Earn up to 140 Points.

Earn up to 140 Points.

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Purple Nuken Strain Information

In need of an effective indica for relaxation and pain relief? The Purple Nuken is perhaps the right strain for you! Truly a one of a kind indica, Purple Nuken is crossbred between two popular strains for medical users of cannabis, the Vancouver Island-bred Nuken and the all time favourite, Purple Kush. An indica-dominant hybrid, this strain is as powerful as its predecessors with a THC content that typically reaches as high as 23%. And yet, while reminiscent of its parents, it stands out on its own for its sweet and unique flavour profile that pairs with a well-balanced, hard hitting euphoric high that leaves you feeling relaxed both mentally and physically.

Purple Nuken Weed Strain Aroma, Taste And Appearance

Typical of indicas, Purple Nuken’s buds are dense with tightly packed flowers. Like its name, there are beautiful hues of purple decorating the otherwise sage green buds which are covered in a thick layer of milky trichomes. Also akin to other purples, Purple Nuken is dank but this is balanced by aromas that are sweet and fruity. Similar to its parent, Nuken, it is pungent and skunky, but like its other parent, Purple Kush, it carries notes of sweet grapes and berries. Some users even note a sweetness that can be compared to marshmallows, making this a delectable pre-bedtime treat!

Like most indicas, Purple Nuken is best-suited for body highs and ideal for medical users. The high starts off like a buzz that slowly creeps throughout the entire body, numbing users and alleviating chronic pains and/or aches. It is relaxing enough to help battle insomnia, and while it is not recommended for daytime use or activities that require physical movement, it is not too sedative or tranquilizing to keep you couch-locked. The high also induces a state of introspection and euphoria, so users will feel hazy but also happy as it elevates mood. This makes it a rather well-rounded indica, offering both a mental and physical sense of calmness that caters to a wide variety of medical users including those seeking to alleviate mood disorders such as chronic stress, depression and/or anxiety. It is particularly useful for physical ailments as well such as chronic pains, arthritis, muscle spasms, and migraines.

Medicinal Benefits Of Purple Nuken

Standing out from other cannabis Indica strains by adding a numbing property to the equation.

While it won’t induce a couchlock feeling, the numbing effects of Nuken have been knowing to be helpful while still active during the day.

While it may be strong too strong for everyday daytime use, in a small amount this strain has been know to work wonders. If you plan on dosing on the heavier side with Nuken, a satisfying burst of euphoria grapples with the mind and body.

You may experience a hazy state that will drift in and out of a daydream. This state has been shown to provide deep and meaningful thought.

The high being so up usually leaves the user feeling burnt out which many find to be helpful for falling asleep.

We suggest using Nuken Strain at night as while this strain won’t knock you out it will allow you to naturally fall asleep easier.

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