Rosin is a cannabis or weed concentrate. Like shatter, wax, and oil, rosin is incredibly potent. Unlike other concentrates, extraction does not require a solvent which makes it highly appealing and safe.

Demand for Rosin is Increasing

Rosin is on track to become one of the connoisseur’s primary concentrates of choice and a big part of the extraction product mix of nearly every cannabis business operation for the following reasons:

  • Rosin is 100 percent free of solvents, so it is certain that health conscious consumers will seek it out, perhaps exclusively. Additionally, contaminants and pesticides aren’t removed in the rosin extraction process, so product testing yields transparent source-material results, further increasing rosin’s potential value.
  • Rosin is just as potent as BHO and other concentrates by cannabinoid percentage, typically in the 70 percent range, but has also been known to test in the high 80 percentage range and beyond.
  • Rosin is often extracted from premium quality material, not questionable bulk trim. Terpene preservation in rosin is also very high, and some rosin has been tested at nearly 13 percent total terpene content or more.
  • Rosin can be manipulated into nearly all popular textures or consistencies, such as shatter, wax, crumble, budder, sugar, etc., so that virtually anyone can enjoy their favorite type of concentrate free of solvents.
  • Rosin can be made from virtually any starting material available including: dry sift, flowers, bubble hash or sifted trim.